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Duration (in semesters): 6 semesters

Credits (per semester): 360 credits overall



The purpose of the qualification is to:

  1. equip students with the necessary critical insight, maturity of judgement and experience to undertake independent advanced study and original research in a specialised field of knowledge.
  2. broaden and deepen the knowledge base of the chosen field of specialisation by the generation of new knowledge or insight and the exploration of uncharted territory.
  3. enable students, as members of the international community of scholars, to participate in and contribute to the universal pursuit of knowledge and by doing so, advance the frontiers of science.
  4. produce leaders in their respective fields who will take responsibility for the training of the next generation of scholars and for ensuring quality higher education in future.


Structure and content of the program

For the PhD degree in Engineering, the student must normally submit a doctoral dissertation (of 3600 hours) and defend it successfully during an oral examination. In addition to the dissertation, students must also write at least one research paper, but preferably several papers, on their research work, for publication in professional journals or for presentation at conferences. The article or articles must be of a standard approved by the promoter.


Learning outcomes

The PhD graduate will have a) expert and advanced knowledge of the chosen field of study; b) an in-depth understanding of the complexity of the problems involved; cognisance of the latest developments on the international research scene as far as the specific subject is concerned; c) an expert understanding of the relevance and applicability of proposed solutions.