The purpose of project PAFROID is :

  • to offer to all students and in particular the public universities students a training experiment of international, to complete their training abroad
  • to set up new partnerships within the framework of cooperation south-south; which offer an alternative to the majority cooperation of the EES of the south with the EES of north and to build sustainable links through some of them.
  • To pull out the EES Ocean Indian region from their insulation
  • to concretize and improve LMD university system by setting up the recognition of appropriations between universities partners.
  • to set up following agreements between institutions, the system of dual degree on the master level degree and Co-supervision on the doctorate level.
  • to develop the teaching capacities of the teachers due to the experiments with international and the divisions of expert testimonies.
  • to develop research in network.
  • to make also profit from the exchanges and personal and cultural enrichment.