PAFROID the project ( Inter-university partnership between Africa and the Indian Ocean - Development ) aims to develop partnerships of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs ) in the Indian Ocean region , with HEIs in African countries mainland .

This project consists of 11 partner universities from nine African countries. 5 SEA are from the Indian Ocean region including the coordinating institution the University of Antananarivo and the technical partner the French University of La Réunion. This project focuses on training and research, involving the 5 Regions Africa call for proposals , the 11 partner universities cover two working languages ??( Fr, Eng) . Universities experienced both academic level and international trade alongside younger developing universities.

The themes are focused on science and engineering, energy and agriculture priority areas in the development of African countries. Mobility doctoral aim to train trainers in poor or thematic and there is a need for respite in the establishment of origin , mobility master enable students to follow an international curriculum of high level and promote the LMD , mobility of faculty and administrative and technical staff aim to develop collaborations between teaching and research laboratories PAFROID departments ... the project will try to establish joint-degree mobility for the majority of students .

The expected results are manifold: the effective functioning of the European LMD system in place , often recently, most SEAs partnership , improving the management and quality of training , an increase in co -supervision of thesis and scientific publications and generally the creation of a sustainable network of people and institutions involved in the development of higher education in Africa.